Sunday, March 22, 2009

Football, Baseball, and lots of fun

Sorry we havent posted for a while. We have been to Phoenix for Spring Training to watch our favorite team the A's. Brock got a game ball and it was signed by Josh Donaldson. No big time name but it was still super cool! We had a blast with our parents and the warm weather. The game was my highlight of the trip but i think the kids like the hotel swimming pool the best.

And as part of Erik turning 30 he is playing with the St George Blitz Football Team. It was kids day this last Saturday and the boys had a blast. Their cousin Easton showed up to hang out and play a little football. Check out Dylan tackle, I think he will be just like his daddy!

Brock got all the coaches to block for him while he ran in a touchdown! Sometimes it pays to be the small one of the pack!

Also Erik is coaching the boys this year in T ball. Their team name is the rockies. It will be so much fun having both the boys on the same team! They are all very excited to satrt playing. Hopefully everyone can see some games. We will be super busy this spring but i wouldn't want it any other way!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Home

This Last month has been crazy we moved into a new LARGER house with two levels and lots of space to move around. The best part of it all is the Hot Tub and Pool. The other night we all jumped in and played. I will let you know what my gas bill is next month.

Some other things going on is Dylan is loving his new school. We had Daddy Doughnut Day last friday. Dylan also took the training wheels off his bike and is cruising aroung the neighborhood. Brock and Dylan have found some awesome new friends. The neighborhood has lots of kids which is a very good thing. Coral Canyon was more like a retirement community. It was so great to have everyone down for the move. Thank you so much for all the help. Hope to have everyone back soon for a pool party.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What a Season!!!

So friday night was one of the best nights ever. We stayed at home to watch the Utes battle Alabama in the BCS Sugar Bowl. I have to be perfectly honest I was completely nervous to watch the game and I thought Utah was going to have a very tough time. Boy was I wrong, they came out like champs and totally ready to play such a tough competetor. It has been such an amazing year and we had such a great time at all the games. I am already excited to see what next season has in store. GO UTES!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


No Lisa is not pregnant. Here was my christmas gift. Thank you baby. His name is Toby, and he is the sweetest dog in the world. He loves to chew on everything and wishes Zorro would play with him but he just growls. I also have to say thank you so much to Beth and Chad for picking him out and watching him for a week. They became his godparents and Toby will love them both forever.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top reasons I love Christmas!

We have had a crazy week with the kids school christmas parties but it has been so much fun. I have been able to try and bring out my creative side which I am sad to say is extremely tiny. We made this train car for Dylans choo choo parade at school. It was so much fun getting his ideas on how to decorate it and where he wanted everything and I think it turned out pretty cute and he totally loved it. We spent about three hours constructing the whole thing. I love that bonding time.
Brock had his party on wednesday and it was so much fun. Its the first time I have had the chance to spend all day with him at school. They decorated their own little gingerbread houses and it is so cute to see how much effort Brock puts into it, all the kids just put as much candy as they could and in no particular way but Brock sat their for then minutes longer than all the rest and was so precise. I had to take Kaden with me to the party and he became an honorary member of the class. He danced for all the parents while the kids sang thir christmas songsa dn made everybody laugh. He even sat on Santas lap and loved it. These sweet boys make every holiday so much better.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Dylan!

Even though this is a little late I just had to post about Dylan for his birthday. I really dont even know where to begin with this precious boy. Most people know that Dylan was born on my twentieth birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present. Being so young myself when he was born I felt totally unprepared and undeserving. Dylan and I have been through so many ups and downs together and I know that he was sent here from my Heavenly Father to teach me something. In the first few months of his life I couldn't figure out what it was that I was suppose to be learning and it was probably one of the most difficult times in my life. There was so much joy and so much pain all at once and I didn't know how to process everything I was feeling. Now that he is six years old everyhting I felt back then seems like a distant memory. He has brought so much joy and love into my life that it is hard to put into words. Every milestone that he hits just makes me realize how lucky I am to have him as a son. He has taught me to be more patient, understanding, compassionate and loving. I know he will continue to enrich my life and teach me things i need to know. I love you so much Dylan and I feel so bleesed that I get to have you as a part of our family.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The best part about having little kids on Halloween is that it doesn't last for just one night but it lasts for a whole week. It all started a week ago when we went to the halloween carnival at Dylan's school. They had the big bouncy houses and slides which are the boys favorites. then we went around to all the booths to play the games and get prizes but their favorite thing was a train ride that was pulled by a big tractor according to Brock (actually it was just a riding lawnmower but he was fascinated.)
Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and the cutest turtle ever!

Then during the week both the boys had parties at school an they said they had so much fun. Brocks class sang songs for all the parents and Erik got to go see that cause I was working but he said it was so cute and in typical Brock fashion he was the most animated singer out of all the kids. At Dylans party all the kids did a parade through the school and then made a witches brew in class and made spider donuts. It makes me wish i was a kid again. Then when friday rolled around I thought the boys would be burnt out but I should know better. We took the boys to a trunk or treat at the community center and then ended the night with Brooke and Jona and Brittany and Dustin. The kids went trick or treating in their neighborhood and then were hyper all night thanks to the sugar rush. It could not have been better!